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Fidya/Kaffarah is the Way to Help Poor People

Fidya/Kaffarah is the Way to Help Poor People

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Kaffarah is a form of charitable payment given by Muslims to those who break any fast in the month of Ramadan without having a legitimate reason.

What is the cost of Kaffarah to you for Ramadan 2023?

To make up for the broken fast, it is necessary to be on a fast during the period of sixty days. If, however, you are incapable of doing this, you will have to feed 60 people for 5 dollars per head (the cost of a standard dinner in the UK). This is $300 for each broken or missed fast.

Kaffarah because she broke a covenant in Islam

The payment of the kaffarah is also required in the event of breaking an oath or promise. In order to redeem an oath that you have broken it is necessary to request Allah to forgive you, and pay the equivalent to a meal for 10 people at a cost of $5 per individual. This is equivalent to $50 for each breach of vow.

How can you tell the differences between Kaffarah or Kaffarah for Oaths?

If you intentionally break a strict fast without legitimate reason, during the holy month of Ramadan or for violating the oath/promise, you have to pay Kaffarah. Both of these require a penalty which must be paid.

The amount for each fast missed is equal to the cost to feed 60 people. In other words, for each missed or intentionally broken fast, you have to be responsible for $300.

The amount you pay in Kaffarah to swear by oath for each broken promise or oath is the equivalent to eating 10 people. This equals $50 per broken vow.

How can you tell the differences between Kaffarah and Fidya?

If you break a fast for no legitimate reason, you are required to pay Kaffarah. But, the fidya (fidyah) is only paid when you fail to keep a fast, however you have a legitimate reason for it and cannot complete the fast at another date in the future. The amount that is paid per missed fast is equal to 60 people being fed. But when you pay Fidya the amount of each fast missed amounts to the equivalent of feeding one person.

What is Kaffarah in Islam?

It is necessary to pay for the breaking of fasts intentionally during Ramadan.

When to pay Kaffarah?

It is payable anytime during the year. It is mandatory to pay for breaking any fast in the month of Ramadan without justification.

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Fidya (Fidyah) for missed fasts during Ramadan

If you do not fast during one or more days during Ramadan and you don’t fast, you’ll have to pay a charitable amount of compensation. You have to be able to pay an amount of Idya (Fidyah) for fasts that you have to miss due to necessity which is not able to be replaced later.

What is Fidya?

If someone isn’t able to fast in Ramadan and cannot fill in the days lost following the event (for instance, due to an illness that is long-term) Then they must pay (Fidya) for another to eat.

Why is Fidya so important in Islam?

To compensate for missed days of fasting Ramadan is a dictum from Allah.

for days few in number. However, should any one of you be sick or on a journey, then (he should fast) a number of other days (equal to the missed ones); and those who have the strength, (still, they do not opt for fasting,) on them there is a fidyah (compensation), that is, the feeding of a poor person.Then whoever does good voluntarily, that is better for him. However, that you fast are better for you, if you only knew. (2:184)

Notice: Fidya is primarily for people suffering from long-term disease or who are not able to fast due to their age, and aren’t in a position to complete the fasts following Ramadan.

What is the cost of Fidya to you for Ramadan 2023?

Five dollars Fidya for every missed fast. This should allow the person who missed fast with two meals, or two people with a meal. If someone is unable to observe all the fasts during Ramadan then they will need to pay $150

How can you tell the differences between Fidya and Kaffarah?

Fidya is a payment for breaking a fast when there is the basis of a legitimate reason but, kaffarah is only paid when you break your fast without any valid reason. The amount you pay in Fidya for every fast missed is the equivalent of feeding one person. When paying kaffarah, it equals to the cost of feeding 60 people.

Who can be eligible for Fidya?

You may be eligible to pay Fidya when you’ve failed to observe or are not allowed to fast due to old age, illness or any other reason that hinders you from keeping the commitment to fast later.

Who is eligible to be eligible to receive Fidya?

Fidya is meant to be distributed only to the needy and poor but not to everyone. The scholars consider that fidyah is similar to zakat, so those who are entitled to Fidya are considered to be the same as those eligible for Zakat.

What is Fidya in Islam?

Fidya (fidyah) is a type of religious offering to aid people who are in need. It’s only given when a person is not able to observe the fast of Ramadan due to medical reasons or other legitimate reasons like a long-term illness or a prolonged illness, and is not capable of completing the entire fast.

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