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Islam Teaching Online Learning Platform – LMS

Islam Teaching Online Learning Platform – LMS

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Empowering Muslim around the world with free/priceless Islam Teaching – LMS

Assalamu Alaikum, my name is Qasim A. As an Online Qur’an Teacher and brother of four Huffaz and Ulama, I faced the difficult task of finding a suitable place to utilize the energies of these beautiful souls who are willing to utilize their energies by serving multiple students in a single class with the help of recorded video lessons. Given my WP-Development background, my instinct was to solve the problem through technology and video data by building a platform to connect teacher and student online, virtually through LMS/Video lessons with 24/7 availability to answer the student’s question & queries. Having pulled together a great team, we started building Islam Teaching in 2021 and launched in June 2022. Three Months on, there is a great need to record video lectures and build a companion Mobile app for Islam Teaching and this is where we need your help.


Make Islam learning accessible with Mobile, Tab, Laptop, or Computer

We have planned everything in mind and now we are willing to record video lectures, with the help of expert teachers, around the world to serve the Muslim Ummah with your help.


Help Islamic Scholars, and Qur’an Teachers to earn an income

Certain Islamic Scholars, and Qur’an Teachers can’t have access to an internet connection or computers. We think it’s important to provide the solution to these beautiful souls to be able to instruct online. With your assistance we can offer the tools needed for these tutors to instruct using the interactive mobile application.

Eduma Mobile - React Native LMS Mobile App for iOS & Android - 7

We can meet our monthly costs, but the LMS lessons are still outside our reach

Over the past two years, I’ve used all the money I could get to bring Islam Teaching to the point it is now. The website is able to sustain itself through the small fee we charge students as per market and for most of the students it is free. We are planning to record video lessons, to make it available for everyone for free/priceless with your help InshaAllah.


What do I get in return for donating?

For every student who learns the teachings of Islam using the LMS, you will InshaAllah share in the reward from Allah Subhanahoo Wata’alaa. Let us help students and particularly parents of toddlers to find as well as connect to the most reliable online islamic LMS through:

  • Contributing to the development of the mobile app by placing an order in advance or giving an award to a worthy student;
  • This campaign should be shared with family and friends as well as
  • Giving a sincere thanks (Make Du’as) to this project.

If you participate by participating in the campaign, you’ll be able to change your currency from Dunya to the currency used in the Akhira.


Why Islam Teaching?

In case you’re wondering why I decided to invest my money into the creation of IslamTeaching I thought I’d share some background information about myself and the motivation behind connecting Quran Students and Tutors Virtually around the globe.

I have started online teaching at different marketplaces in 2019, and I have found many students who want to learn from me, and I do not have time for all of them. So, I decided to put all my intention to develop an Islamic LMS, where students can learn anything, anytime (but stepwise). I have six brothers and all of huffaz and three are Ulama and specialized in Ifta, Arabic and Islamic Finance, I have decided to use their energies and knowledge to serve Muslim Ummah, InshaAllah. Not Only this, we have started hiring the experts in Islamic Education, around the world, after the first assessments to check his ability and skills. Alhamdulillah there are fifteen scholars are only from my family and we are still hiring from our social circle (Islamic).

As I became more and more enthusiastic about the idea of building IslamTeacing LMS, I made the decision to dedicate all my attention on it. I set the goal that our company was to help Islam in order to please Allah Subhanahoo Wata’ala and also providing value to its users. I hope you’ll are of the opinion that building Islam Teaching is an objective worth my money and like to join this mission to build an application and record lessons that will benefit Muslims across the globe. Please make the Du’a for the success of IslamTeaching and help it in any way you can in the name of Allah.

BarakAllahu Feek,